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60 Hr. Online Gambling Specialty Training

09/07/2015 all-day
Bellevue University

This 60-clock hour certificate program is 100% online and is broken down into specific course offerings. Each offering is self-paced, but must be completed within three weeks once accessed.  Click HERE for additional information and online registration.

Required Course Offerings:

Basic Disordered Gambling (12 clock hours)
Course will consist of basic disordered gambling knowledge education on the history and social impact of gambling in the US, the historical and theoretical approaches to treating compulsive gamblers, and the predominant effects of disordered gambling on the client and their significant others.

Intake and Assessment (12 clock hours)
Course will consist of education on the indicators of the presence of disordered gambling, identification of client needs, and matching identified needs with appropriate treatment modalities. The course will also include education on identification of common co-morbid disorders and medical conditions that warrant referral and/or consultation.

Significant Other Treatment (12 clock hours)
Course will include education on general family dynamics, effects of disordered gambling on family systems, and facilitating appropriate changes as related to the disordered gambling.

Case Management (12 clock hours)
Course will cover case management for disordered gambling clients, including education on working with disordered gambling clients to establish therapeutic goals, measuring treatment effectiveness, and utilization of resources to effectively accomplish identified goals.

Individual and Group Counseling Skills (12 clock hours)
Course will include individual and group counseling skills with compulsive gamblers, including education that will enhance the counselor’s ability to engage, elicit feelings, and facilitate awareness in the therapeutic relationship with disordered gambling clients.


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