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Awareness and Prevention

Youth Prevention

The legal age to gamble in Nevada is 21, and yet many young people begin gambling much sooner. In a youth survey conducted in Nevada, 67% of the adolescents said they had gambled at least once in their lifetime; 49% had gambled in the last year, 17% gambled at least once a month and 7% reported they gamble weekly.

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So what’s the big deal, right?  It’s just a little harmless fun!

Maybe not – since that same study also shows that about 10% of young people who gamble are at risk for developing a gambling problem and another 2% have already become problem gamblers.

‘Given the Chance’ – Awareness Presentation

In this 45 minute interactive education session, students learn about the risks and consequences associated with teen gambling. At the core of this youth gambling awareness program is a dramatic film that takes a look at gambling, and its impact, through the eyes of a Nevada teen.

This program is available free of charge to Nevada middle schools, high schools, churches or community agencies to promote youth gambling awareness.

When There’s a Gambling Problem in the Family

You may be thinking, “Problem gambling – so what? That’s their problem, not mine!” The reality is, when someone has a problem with gambling, everyone in the family is affected.

It is important to be aware of this impact and to know there are resources available to help. Families need support and acceptance so they can learn about the problem, set appropriate boundaries, and begin to take healthy actions to deal with the effect on the family.

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‘Damage Done’ – Family Awareness Presentation

This 1 hour community awareness session addresses the impact of problem gambling on the family and identifies resources available to help.  At the core of the program is a dramatic film that explores how family members cope with the effects of a loved one’s gambling problem.

Contact the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling at 702-369-9740 to learn how you can obtain this program for use in your organization or agency.

This program is available free of charge to Nevada schools, churches, and community agencies to promote family awareness.

Grant Opportunities are available to support implementation of these programs through our Gambling Awareness Prevention Partnership program.  Click HERE for details!