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Call the Problem Gambling HelpLine at 1-800-GAMBLER or Text: 800-GAM or Online Chat at

Welcome to the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling.

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Whatever your need, We’re Here to Help!

The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to generate awareness, promote education and advocate for quality treatment and support resources for problem gambling in Nevada.  We are here to help you learn, understand, and find solutions that are right for you!


*11/30/23* NEW Research Study: Have you experienced any problems with your gambling causing you to seek help in any way?  Are you at least 18 years of age? Please CLICK HERE to contribute to this survey!

Through this research study, we hope to learn new ways to better support those recovering from problem gambling. We also hope to develop ways to help increase access to treatment for problem gambling.


Locator-Logo_webProblem gambling is a treatable disorder and there are many resources available to help!  Use the online Resource Locator link to the left, to access current listings of Treatment and Support resources in Nevada. And the good news? Many of the services are FREE for problem gamblers and their family members!

To speak to someone confidentially about problem gambling and resources for help, call the 24 hr. Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-GAMBLER or text 800-GAM.

For information on programs and services outside Nevada, click HERE.  


The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling is dedicated to providing our communities with reliable information and resources to help you understand problem gambling.   Our vision is to work with all stakeholders to provide sustainable  programs & services to reduce the impact of problem gambling in the State of Nevada.

Fowtfs-brocurer the Gaming Industry:

We value the Nevada gaming industry’s efforts to promote responsible gaming through the highest regulatory standards and support of community resources for problem gambling.  Since 1998, the Nevada Council has successfully partnered with the industry through our “When the Fun Stops” program that provides informational brochures and an employee training program to support your responsible gaming efforts.

The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling is one of 35 state affiliates of the National Council on Problem Gambling, and does not take a position for or against legal gambling.