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Call the Problem Gambling HelpLine at 1-800-GAMBLER or Text: 800-GAM or Online Chat at

Professional Treatment

When you have a toothache, you see a dentist. When you feel sick, you see your doctor for treatment.

If your life is being affected by a gambling problem, treatment is also available – and it works!

Who provides the treatment?

There are different types of treatment services available depending on the person’s situation and needs, such as individual counseling, couples and family therapy, and group therapy. The treatment services are conducted by Certified Problem Gambling Counselors who are experienced in treating problem gamblers and their families. You will know that a counselor is certified and has specific training in counseling problem gamblers by the designation, CPGC, CPGC-I or CPGC-S after their name. This indicates they have met the highest standards for their profession as required by the State of Nevada.

How can treatment help?

Problem gambling is not a personal weakness…it is a diagnosable mental health disorder. Professional treatment programs help the individual address their gambling behavior and help families learn new coping skills, and rebuild healthy relationships. Counselors may also screen for other concerns such as substance abuse or depression, and will help you identify appropriate resources that you may need to deal with the problems created by the gambling. In your first meeting with a counselor, they will talk with you about your situation and your needs and explain the available treatment options.

What if I can’t afford treatment?

Most Certified Problem Gambling Counselors in Nevada accept insurance and/or offer reduced fees based on qualifying income. Some of the problem gambling treatment programs in Nevada are also supported by funding from the State of Nevada, and although they may charge a small fee for services, no one can be turned away for inability to pay.

Where do I find problem gambling treatment services?

You can get the contact information for problem gambling treatment services by calling the 24 Hr. HelpLine, or clicking the link below for the online resource locator.