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Call the Problem Gambling HelpLine at 1-800-GAMBLER or Text: 800-GAM or Online Chat at

Resource Locator

The Resource Locator provides information on available treatment and peer support resources for problem gamblers and their families in Nevada.  This information has been provided by the entities listed and the Nevada Council publishes these listings as a service to the community, to assist individuals in choosing resources appropriate to their needs.


Gamblers Anonymous – FREE recovery support group for individuals who are problem gamblers and have a desire to stop gambling.
Gam-Anon – FREE recovery support group for the spouse, family and friends who are affected by the problem gambler.

We encourage anyone in need of support to use the chart below to get information on group meeting times and locations in your area.  Due to COVID-19, many groups also offer online and telephone support.

Gamblers Anonymous –    Southern Nevada Phone Website
Southern NV Meeting List Feb. 2024 (pdf)


Gamblers Anonymous – Northern Nevada Phone Website
RENO Gamblers Anonymous 775-356-8070
CARSON CITY Gamblers Anonymous  775-882-8222
Northern NV Meeting List Feb. 2024 (pdf)


Gam-Anon (for friends & family) Phone Website

Gam-Anon Meeting List (all NV) Feb. 2024 (pdf)

Gam-Anon Virtual Meetings (PST)




Professional treatment services include individual or group therapy conducted by Certified Problem Gambling Counselors who are experienced in treating problem gamblers and their families. Some treatment programs are State-funded and will provide services regardless of ability to pay.

For a full printable list of Nevada problem gambling treatment providers click the link below.

NV Treatment Providers 

Use the Resource Locator “Search” function below to locate treatment providers in your geographic area or to filter for specific services or needs.