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Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Problem Gambling Awareness Month is a nationwide grass-roots campaign to raise awareness of the warning signs of problem gambling and resources for help.  This annual campaign is also a celebration of the thousands of men and women who are successfully recovering from a gambling problem. 2024’s theme, “Every Story Matters,” is a reminder that every narrative, battle and triumph related to problem gambling is significant.

Our goal is to get everyone talking about this important community health issue that affects up to 6% of Nevada adults who may suffer the negative emotional, financial and personal consequences of a gambling problem. The impact of this disorder may affect many others around the person gambling, including friends, family, children, and the community. The good news? Problem gambling is treatable, and help is available!!

The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling invites everyone to celebrate #PGAM2024 with us!!! Below are various ways that you or your organization can get involved and help promote awareness about this important community health issue in Nevada. 

Las Vegas Community Event

Problem Gambling Awareness: Every Story Matters

We celebrated 40 years of service and hosted a very special National Problem Gambling Awareness Month community event! We learned about the very “human” side of problem gambling, as peers and professionals.


Where and When?
East Las Vegas Community Center
250 N Eastern Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Saturday March 16, 2024
From 1:00 – 4:00pm

Gambling Disorder Screening Day

Screening Day is an international movement designed to support providers in the identification of Gambling Disorder. Gambling Disorder can lead to financial, emotional, social, occupational, and physical harms, yet many cases of Gambling Disorder go undetected, due to limited assessment for this problem. Screening Day addresses the imperative to detect gambling-related problems as early as possible.

Between 10% and 15% of people with substance use disorders may also have a gambling problem.

Only about 10% of people with gambling problems seek help.

To make screening for gambling disorder easier and more effective, the National Council on Problem Gambling has partners with the Cambridge Health Alliance Division on Addiction, which has developed a free Gambling Disorder Screening Day Toolkit. Simply use a short, 3-item anonymous screener that we will provide and pick up afterwards.


We encourage medical and mental health professionals, treatment agencies, and any other interested organizations to screen for Gambling Disorder year round!

For more information on how to screen for problematic gambling, email

Bring Awareness to your organization or group!

March is the perfect time for community organizations, businesses, and other groups to help us share the message that problem gambling is a treatable disorder and that help is available! You can help by posting Problem Gambling Awareness Month posters and information in break rooms, public spaces, bulletin boards, lobbies or private spaces.

Nevada has one of the highest gambling participation rates in the country.

One in 4 Nevada households is affected by problem gambling.

Getting involved during March is a simple and effective way to increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment, and recovery services. Below are many downloadable and printable resources to share with your community!

Together, let’s bring awareness, break down stigma, and emphasize that when it comes to problem gambling…

Every Story Matters!

Here are simple ways you can join us in this effort!

  • Browse our site and the info below to learn about problem gambling and resources for help.
  • LIKE us on Facebook .  FOLLOW us on Twitter (X) and Instagram. SUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube!
  • Throughout the month of March, read, share, comment, and tell others about problem gambling and resources for help! Use these #PGAM2024 #NCPG40
  • Click the images below to download and print information you can distribute or post in public  areas to support Problem Gambling Awareness Month in your school, workplace, agency, or organization.  
  • Call us at 702-369-9740 or email if you would like to schedule a presentation (live or Zoom) for your group about problem gambling and resources for help!

PGAM- Every Story Matters Flyer

Governor’s Proclamation

Social Gambling Guidelines

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PGAM- Every Story Matters Poster 11×17

5 Reasons to Screen for Problem Gambling

Screening Tools for Problem Gambling

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