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“Charitable” Gambling Is Still Gambling!

No matter who benefits financially, gambling is gambling, and should always, and only, be an ADULT activity.  A simple process to update Nevada’s charitable gaming laws and regulations has shined a spotlight on a glaring omission – there is no minimum age requirement on the books for participating in “charitable” lotteries and raffles. The Nevada Council has provided testimony to the Nevada Gaming Control Board urging them to recommend age restrictions for these activities, despite opposition from well-meaning charities who want to continue the decades-long practice of selling raffle tickets or offering raffle tickets as prizes to children during fundraising events.  The Council is advocating that this legal loophole be remedied thought regulatory age restrictions consistent with existing public policy and industry best practices that prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from participating in lotteries or raffles.  The final decision on the new regulations rests in the hands of the Nevada Gaming Commission who will consider this issue at their next meeting on October 24th.

Read the article below by Chris Sieroty of Gambling Compliance for more insight into this surprisingly heated debate of an issue that would seem to be a “no-brainer’ in Nevada!


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Copies of the current draft of Regulation 4A and public comments are available on the Gaming Control Board’s website. (Reference: 2019-02R Proposed amendments to Nevada Gaming Commission Regulation 4A regarding, without limitation, charitable lotteries and charitable games.)