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September is National Recovery Month!!

That’s right – for this whole month our nation is recognizing that RECOVERY strengthens our families and communities!


Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential.  Recovery is built on access to evidence-based clinical treatment and recovery support services for all populations.

HOPE – the belief that the challenge of addictions and mental health conditions can be overcome – is the foundation of recovery. A person’s recovery is built on his or her strengths, talents, coping abilities, resources, and inherent values. It is holistic, addresses the whole person and their community, and is supported by peers, friends, and family members.


The process of recovery is highly personal and occurs via many pathways. It may include clinical treatment, medications, faith-based approaches, peer support, family support, self-care, and other approaches. Recovery is characterized by continual growth and improvement in one’s health and wellness that may involve setbacks. Because setbacks are a natural part of life, resilience becomes a key component of recovery.  The process of recovery often involves family members who become the champions of their loved one’s recovery. They provide essential support to their family member’s journey of recovery and similarly experience the moments of positive healing as well as the difficult challenges. The concept of resilience in recovery is also vital for family members who need access to intentional supports that promote their health and well-being.

If you or someone you love is struggling to recover from a gambling problem, call our 24 hour confidential HelpLine at 1-800-522-4700.  Free treatment and support resources are available in Nevada.  Get the help you need today!



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